With on or off premise catering by SAGI Cucina Italiana, you're guaranteed to provide your guests with the finest Italian food.

On-site options:

If you are looking for a venue to host your event, meeting, celebration or special occasion, SAGI CUCINA ITALIANA is the perfect place!

Our private dining room in the upstairs loft has been the right choice for many hosted gatherings. From community organizations, off-site business events, private showings, showers, memorials, or celebrations of life’s special events, the private loft is warm and inviting.

Seating up to 45 people, the loft at Sagi’s has a private bar area, electric fireplace, wall-mounted TV for presentations and Wi-Fi. We can arrange all the details you need, develop a theme for your party or celebration leaving you to relax and enjoy your guests.

During the warmer months, the romantic "Al Fresco" patio seats 30 and is often a gathering place for singers to perform. Our main dining room is available upon request.

Off-site options:

SAGI CUCINA ITALIANA has been the choice for many catered affairs. Offering consulting services, Sabrina and Bianca are there to ensure the success of your event by exceeding all expectations with an outstanding attention to customer service.

In-home cooking demonstrations are one of Bianca’s passions! She focuses on a hands-on experience for small groups of 4-6 people. After selecting the menu, buying the ingredients and wine selected by Sabrina, the group cooks together and ends with the compliment of eating together. Prices are available on request and based on selection of menu.

Chef Coaching – Bianca also spends time with the True North Company on team-building programs taking place at the GE training facility in Ossining, New York. Please contact Bianca personally for further information on this program.

Cooking Immersion Excursions – In the Summer of 2014, Bianca will launch her oversees excursions traveling to her native Italy offering true historical perspectives on tastes and foods, the regional influence with a twist on antique cooking techniques with seasonal farm-to-table interactive cooking and hands-on experiences like visiting farmers markets and picking grapes at local vineyards. More information will be coming shortly, but please inquire with Bianca directly on this exciting adventure!

Please give us a call at 203-431-0200 for more details as well our latest catering menu.